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Trophy Striped Bass

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Cape Cod is a great fishing destination if you’re chasing your striper of a lifetime. Starting in May these trophy size fish start to invade our water as they migrate north they feed on the abundant food like mackerel, squid, sand eels, Pogies and more. We had our anglers use all methods of fishing tackle from live lining live bait to casting top water on breaking fish. This huge striper came from a live mackerel in Cape Cod Bay. The charter fishing is getting red hot. We fish from Falmouth to the Outer Cape. We will bring our boat to you so call us and bring friends and family on a fishing adventure this summer and catch your trophy striper!!

Falmouth Sea Bass Fishing

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Sea bass fishing out of Falmouth Harbor is unbelievable! We’re catching Mendelssohn fish in the 18 inch range. We use ultralight tackle to catch theses delicious fish.

We will catch sea bass throughout the whole summer. I will filet them for you so you can enjoy a fantastic meal after a great day charter fishing on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Sea Bass Fishing

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The south side of Cape Cod offers some world class sea bass fishing with many trophy class fish on every charter. It is a great fishery for all class of anglers; kids, adults and the most experienced fisherman will love these hard fighting fish on ultralight tackle with all fish caught on lures, no bait. They’re one of the best eating fish in the world. I will fillet all your catch meticulously for you, sending you home with a big bag of fish. Come join us out of Falmouth, Massachusetts to fish Vineyard Sound and beyond.

Fishing for Striped Bass on Cape Cod

Fishing for Striped Bass on Cape Cod

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For the past 3-4 years we have been fishing with Hairball Charters out of Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. If you want a great family outing and you want to share the experience with your loved ones there is no better way to do than being on the water with Captain Eric Stapelfeld. Cape Cod could be my most favorite place in the world and the good news is there are a lot of fish there.

Captain Eric can put you on all kinds of species of fish but our favorite are the striped bass. Why? The stripers are big and put up a great fight. We have fished out of Falmouth and off of Martha’s Vineyard with Hairball. So far we have lucked out with great weather on the past dozen or so trips. The scenery is great, the fishing is great and Eric does a great job of putting us on the fish all the time. Sure, we have had a couple of slower days but we always catch fish.

The past couple of times we fished out of Massachusetts Bay near Sandwich at night all the way to Provincetown.

Working Birds in Provincetown Massachusetts

It seems like the fish like to feed at dusk. This has worked out really well more than once. Afterwards Captain Eric fillets the fish like the pro that he is and we take the fish to JR Brody’s in Falmouth and have them grill, poach, fry or bake any way we want it. Nothing better than fried Striper. It gets even better if we can catch a few bluefish as well. Bluefish caught and eaten the same day is the best.

Eric taught me a little trick in freezing the Stripers. He said to take the fillets and wash them in water with lots of ice and sea salt. This seems to tighten up the meat and allows for better storage in the freezer for longer periods of time. As of this writing the limit is 1 fish per person. But when we were able to take 2 per person we able to freeze a good amount of fish for months at a time.

The biggest Striper we ever caught was just under 50.” (See Photo Above) And that was a big fish for us.

Mother, daughter and a gorgeous 40 inch striped bass

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Fishing for trophy sized bass can be a great way to spend your summer if you’re reeling in fish on my charter boat. We specialize in family sportfishing. Our location is only 2 hours from New Hampshire. It is worth the the drive to catch qualty stripers. I personally guarantee that every one aboard will bring in a keeper striped bass . On this fishing charter Teresa Lambert and her daughter caught this 40 incher and had a fantastic day together. So don’t let the year pass without spending time together on the ocean.

Teresa Lambert and her daughter with a 40 inch striper caught on Hairball Charters

Talk about a great day of Cape Cod Charter Striper fishing

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Tim and his crew from Shrewsbury after a great day on Cape Cod Waters

Our Cape Cod charter fishing trip for striped bass had to work hard today and covered a lot of miles in search of the fish but we finally found them just a couple miles off my home port of Falmouth Harbor. We really got into the striped bass and picked off six keepers in no time flat jigging with Hairball jigs. Hairball Charters always find those great striped bass.