Shark Fishing

Hauling in a big shark on Hairball Charters

The waters South of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket warm as the Gulf Stream turns East and these warm waters spin off just miles from the Island’s shores. Mako and blue shark along with thresher and even tiger shark prowl these waters in search of abundant baitfish the Gulf Stream brings to the region. The shortfin mako is one of the ultimate predators and gamefish that can be found in this area. Known to jump upon hook up the mako is one of the most powerful and explosive of all the sharks.  Makos have recorded speeds of over 30 mph. Their speed coupled with their agility and streamlined bodies make them one of the most explosive game fish found in Cape Cod waters.

Thresher sharks are one of the most powerful gamefish an angler will encounter. It’s tail, usually used to stun prey is extremely long, typically a third of it’s total body length. This unusually long tail makes for a tremendous fight on stand up gear. Anglers will experience long powerful runs from this apex predator.

Tiger sharks are the second largest predatory shark species. Only the great white shark grows larger. Considered one of the most dangerous sharks to human beings this predator is often referred to as the “wastebasket of the sea” due to its appetite and willingness to eat anything it encounters in the ocean. This solitary hunter is one of the most aggressive sharks man will encounter in the waters South of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Blue sharks are one of the most abundant sharks in these waters. They have a tendency to spin upon being hooked and are known for long powerful runs. Read more about sharks at GOFISHn.


Chum is the primary attractant to bring sharks close to the boat. Oily fish such as mackerel and bluefish are the typical hook baits. Live bluefish bridled are particularly effective on shortfin makos, threshers and tiger sharks. Blue sharks are more opportunistic looking for an easy meal that strip baits provide. July through September are the prime times to find sharks in the waters of Cape Cod.


Hairball Charters adheres to the NMFS fishing limits on shark: 54″ minimum length.

On the Table

Shortfin makos average over 400 pounds and are tremendous table fare. Steaked and grilled makos are a popular dish in restaurants throughout the world.