Bluefin Tuna Fishing

A bluefin tuna caught on Hairball Charters

School Bluefin tuna fishing is the hottest thing going in the Northeast fishing scene right now. These fish in the 50 to 100 pound class have the most impressive combination of power and speed of any game fish on the planet. Relatively close to Cape Cod these fish can be found as close as 10 miles off a Chatham and our 27’ Conch center console with twin Honda four strokes gets you to the fish in no time.  The shipping lanes East of Chatham and Nantucket seem to be a summer playground for these fish as they feed on the abundance of sand eels or sand lances, herring and bluefish. It is not uncommon to catch fish well over 100 lbs and Giant Tuna weighing in the 500-1,000 pound range can be found in the mix from time to time. The tuna will be found feeding among the whales and dolphin that you’ll find are also enjoying the abundance of bait in the area. Bluefin Tuna will be found in August, September and October with chances for a Giant most likely in October.


Typically Captain Eric will be trolling multiple lines utilizing his outriggers. 50 lb Penn International reels are the standard equipment for tuna trips. The trolling lures employed are spreader bars with plastic squid, birds with daisy chains, swimming lures, green machines and cedar plugs. The tuna fleet works together in these waters to find the fish and help ensure successful charter and raw sashimi back at the docks is typically the reward. From time to time we will cast for these fish as they are found crashing bait on the surface. Surface lures such as pencil poppers with reinforced split rings and extra strong hooks do the trick when these fish are on top in a feeding frenzy. Nothing an angler in the Northeast will experience will top a blue fin tuna crashing a top water lure in a feeding frenzy and the ensuing fight will leave you dreaming of more.


Hairball Charters adheres to the NMSF tuna regulations: minimum 27″.

On the Table

One of the most prized fish in Japan the blue fin tuna is an incredibly tasty fish both as sushi as well as lightly grilled over coals.