Nice Bluefin caught on an August trip on Hairball Charters

Cape Cod’s warm Gulfstream waters make for a great day of recreational fishing out on Vineyard Sound and beyond where we’ll find the bigger stripers, bonito, bluefish, bluefin tuna, marlin, and even sharks.

When the water in Vineyard Sound gets warm, striped bass tend to be less agressive – this is when a true sportfishing captain earns their keep. Captain Eric guarantees that your sportfishing charter will be successful. He knows where the trophy striped bass tend to hide in the dog days of summer.

Hungry schools of bonito are now well established in Vineyard Sound and offer a great opportunity for flyrod and light tackle enthusiasts.

August fishing on Cape Cod brings the exciting giant bluefin tuna to the waters off of Chatham. The average size of a bluefin tuna is between 50-250 pounds with the chance of them reaching 700+ pounds!

Bluefish are everpresent at this time of the year. They are also a good fighter – great for family trips where young fishermen like constant sportfishing action. The first three weeks of July offer that opportunity to do a combo charter where we fish for striped bass and bluefish close to Falmouth where the waters are calm.

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