Trophy striped bass caught on Hairball charters off Cape Cod

A gorgeous trophy striped bass caught in October off Cape Cod on Hairball Charters

October is the grand finale of Cape Cod’s spectacular striped bass migration. On gorgeous, cool early fall days with bright sunshine, the trophy stripers travel through Vineyard Sound voraciously feeding on menhaden as they head toward their wintering grounds. It is not unheard of for a trophy striper in the 50+ pound range to be hoisted over the gunnels of Hairball Charters. These trophy stripers are hunting amongst the boulder fields of the wild and mostly uninhabited Elizabeth Islands, which stretch for miles of beautiful coastline from Woods Hole in Falmouth to the southwest.

It is quite a spectacle as we fish live bait (pogies and/or menhaden). The pogies swim along on the surface over the top of the boulder fields just off the shore islands and from the depth below monster striped bass fire like torpedoes to the surface thinking they will have an easy meal.

When a striper slams into a pogie, it’s wild to see, and then of course the fight is on!

Beautiful weather,  exciting fishing for trophy grade striped bass, and astonishing scenery. Don’t miss out on the most

Bluefin tuna are usually around too, so this is really a prime time to fish the Cape Cod waters. Don’t miss out! Call 617-755-1847 to book your Cape Cod fishing charter today.