Black Sea Bass Fishing

One of the most aggressive bottom fish found in the waters of Cape Cod, black sea bass can be found in Buzzards Bay, Nantucket Sound and Vineyard Sound.  Known as sea bass or blackfish this fish if from the grouper family and is found in these Northern climes.  Black sea bass, as their name indicates, are usually black. But like many other types of fish, they have the ability to adjust their color to blend in with the bottom. Their colors may take on a gray, brown, black or even a deep indigo hue. The sides of their body may have dark vertical bands.  The average sea bass weighs about 1½ lb. The world record bass is 9 lb 8 oz, but any sea bass above 5 lb is considered a large fish. As a sea bass matures, there are slight variations in their proportions. The smallest sea bass are often nicknamed “pin” bass. Larger fish are nicknamed “humpback” bass because as they grow larger they tend to bulk out just behind the head.


Drifting a strip bait of squid, fluke belly, or mummy chubs is the most common approach to catching fluke off of Cape Cod. Once in awhile enormous “doormat” fluke are reeled up when we are jigging for striped bass with wire line. These doormats can be over ten pounds.


Hairball Charters adheres to the Massachusetts recreational fishing limits on black sea bass: 12″ minimum length, possession limit of 20 per person.

On the Table

Black sea bass with it’s lean, firm flesh is popular in Chinese cooking. The white flesh is delectable table fare and it’s aggressive nature make it a gamefish that’s as fun to catch as it is to eat.