Bluefish fishing

Bluefish Cape Cod fishing charters with Captain Eric Stapelfeld of hairball chartersOne of the most aggressive game fish in New England waters bluefish invade Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard sounds. Cape Cod sees world class bluefishing in May. The most exciting method we’ve found for fishing for blues is sight fishing on the flats on the south side of the Cape. These fish can be found in 4’ to 12’ feet of water on the sandy flats. Blue fish follow the spawning squid into the sound and gorge themselves on the plentiful bait. Many times they can be found in an almost trance. Pods of fish can be found tailing like bonefish at this time of year as they lazily float and warm themselves during the day. These fish are tremendous on top water plugs. Sight fishing at this time of year is incredible as you cast to these tailing fish and the commotion of your lure wakes them out of their slumber. Watch as these fish come to life and attack your lure with a vengeance. May is the time to intercept these incredible fish on their migration. Join us for the most fantastic bluefish angling you’ll ever experience.


As bluefish are very aggressive they will go after anything from bottom jigs to surface poppers, live bait and chunked bait.

Catch Limits

Hairball Charters adheres to the Massachusetts recreational fishing limits of ten bluefish per person, per day (no size limit).

On the Table

If landed quickly and properly taken care of, the tender meat of the bluefish can make for excellent fare. The meat has a stronger flavor than that of the striped bass. Bluefish also tends to be more oily, which is why grilling or smoking is the preferred method of preparing this Cape Cod delicacy.

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