Incredible charter boat fishing for striped bass with retired New England Patriot Matt Light.

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We left Falmouth Harbor around 1:00 o’clock and headed out for what would be an epic day of striped bass fishing. The seas were perfect for my inshore charter boat which is equipped with twin 250 four strokes. When we arrived at the honey hole, To a scene out of Alford Hitchcock with 1000s of birds and stripers rolling everywhere for as far as the eye could see. The result of this was 3 quads 5 triples and uncountable doubles. This went on for about 3 hours. As the tide slacked off, so didn’t the fishing. We reeled the lines in and were head for port when I noticed a few birds dipping in the water. The fishing addict in me kicked in and I shouted out reluctantly let em out one more time. As I looked down at the Depth sounder  it read 65 feet, I thought to my self useless all were going to catch are gators (blue fish). Seeing this I only put out 40  yards of line out. Waiting on the toothy critters attack on my jigs, I no sooner turned around to line flying out of the 4/0 down to the backing. The fight lasted 4 huge runs to the bottom and circling the trophy bass three times. When the monster striped bass hit the deck it measured over 50 inches long and over 40 pounds. This is the way the big fish usually come, Out of no were lightning strikes, Buy always pushing the limits and never giving up are the main ingredients in being a successful charter boat captain.