What a great Cape Cod bluefin tuna fishing charter!

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Jetta and Jamie hauled in this blue fin tuna beauty around Veatch Canyon off Cape Cod

My regular customer from Seattle, Jetta, an her friend Jamie, came out in late June for Jetta’s annual fishing trip. First day would we got into stripers off Monomoy point and caught 70 fish. I thought their arms were going to fall off and that was enough. We headed up to Peaked Hill Bar off Provincetown. We hooked one up casting plugs with heavy duty spinning gear into breaking tuna. It was a 90-minute fight but the big fish broke off. We went into Cape Cod Bay and this time we used stand-up 50 conventional tackle with Seaguar 130 pound test fluorocarbon line and drifted live pogies. We got another big strike and Jetta fought the tuna for and hour and before we had success.  They were happy anglers and that’s one sweet fish.